Wayzata City Council - May 7, 2024


Call to Order/Pledge/Roll Call/Approve Agenda 00:00:00

Public Forum - Presentation of Wayzata Library by Scott Duimstra, Hennepin County Library Director 00:02:55

Consent Agenda 00:18:35

New Business - Consider Adoption of Resolution 17-2024 Approving Front, Rear, and Lakeshore Setback Variances at 620 Bushaway Road 00:21:19

New Business - Consider Adoption of Resolution 15-2024 Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Tax Increment Refunding Bonds, Series 2024A for the Construction of the Panoway Lakewalk and Community Docks 00:48:03

City Manager's Report and Discussion Items 01:08:35

We Love You, Peggy Douglas - Rest In Peace 01:13:16

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